Ashirwad Yog

Ashirwad Yog – Naturopathy College

Ashirwad Yog – Naturopathy College, is an educational institute and a well-equipped treatment centre was established in June 2001 by Dr Nitin Shimpi and Mrs. Minal Shimpi. Their main motto is to provide holistic remedies in various physiotherapy treatments.

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Ashirwad Yog – Naturopathy College

They also conduct training courses for Yog-teachers, Naturopathy, MA Yog and Diploma in Physiotherapy. They have State Government and University recognized courses open for all ages and occupations and aim to emphasize on and promote a healthy lifestyle.


To spread awareness about this cause, we initiated a lead generation campaign. Making people’s life easier and healthier, physically and mentally, was our motivation to put in place a campaign which will make sure that people know their options of living a healthier life.


The leads generated through this campaign were 300, with a total reach of 33,000. The CTR being, we were content to know that  a significant amount of people chose a healthier lifestyle through us and that we made a difference.

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