Tushar Bhosale

Acharya Tushar Bhosale

State president of BJP Spiritual Coordination Front, Tushar Bhosale is a political leader based in Maharashtra, India. He is also said to be a teacher of the Varkari sector and in the spiritual realm. He is a woke and righteous politician.

Case Study

Acharya Tushar Bhosale

He had no social media presence. During the pandemic to spread awareness and influence people to stay home and safe, he decided to have a social media presence on different platforms. Not being an expert in the field he hired us for this social cause to warn and influence people about covid19. 


With his vision clear in our minds, we developed a business strategy for his social media and it was very clear that his message, his name will be in every household’s mouth. We designed video campaigns and advertisements for him on facebook and twitter. His message on varkari was a huge success.


We promoted his video organically as well as through paid promotions. His message was loud and clear as the total reach was 2.8M, which was exactly what we wanted. His branding and advertising was a huge success and we were delighted to know that. We were also very ecstatic as he used his power to influence people for the greater good of the society.

Departments Involved

Integrated marketing solutions

Creative content creation

Business planning

SINSS  video production 

Digital Impact

Total reach

2.8 M

Total Impression


Followers Gained


Total engagement


Photo Creatives

Make a beautiful website

It has never been easier to create pages and websites.

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