AK’s Academy

AK’s Training Academy

Ak’s Training Academy is one of the premium institutes dedicated towards ACCA courses. Based in Pune, they have professionally qualified and experienced faculties who provide intensive classroom training and counseling based on each student’s pace and requirement.

Case Study

AK’s Training Academy

People in India were not very familiar with the ACCA course. Taking charge of their social media, we started enlightening people about the course and its benefits to everyone interested in the commerce field. 


Growing their social media was our number one priority. The conversion rate through social media for this course was considerably high with a total reach of 15,000+. Pouring all our creativity into the content creation, we accomplished our goal of acquainting people with the career option of ACCA.


Different Facebook and Instagram promotions were initiated to achieve this objective. Not only in Pune, our main goal was to spread awareness about ACCA in the entire state of Maharashtra. With online and offline both coaching available in AK’s Training Academy, we achieved this goal with an overwhelming victory.

Departments Involved

Integrated marketing solutions

Creative content creation

Business planning

SINSS  video production 

Digital Impact

Total reach


Click Through Rate


Lead to Customer Conversion Rate


Leads Generated


Photo Creatives

Make a beautiful website

It has never been easier to create pages and websites.

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