Swaroop Agro

Swaroop Agrochemical Industries

Swaroop is an agrochemical industry which believes in spreading prosperity amongst farming communities by providing them with innovative, cost effective & quality Agro inputs thereby making India self reliant in food production. Their products are cost-effective, natural and organic, and most importantly eco-friendly.

Case Study

Swaroop Agro Industries

To fulfill their vision of becoming one of the top 5 leading agro input manufacturers in the country we plan and launched various lead generation campaigns to promote their products which are backed up by strong research and development through their in-house analytical laboratory which is backed up by sophistical laboratory equipment.


With intense planning about this campaign, it was set to help generate leads. With a total reach of 222,023, we generated 1,523 leads. With their exceptional sales skill the conversion rate was  7%, due to which their sales striked up.


Due to their various patents and ISO certification, their products are completely safe and bio-organic, which are preferred by a lot of farmers for sustainable and ecologically safe farming.

Departments Involved

Integrated marketing solutions

Digital content creation

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