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What Do We Publish?

Digital Marketing Education: If you are an expert in digital marketing with something to educate our audience, you can send your tips, how-to articles, trends.

Infographics: If you have a well-crafted infographic, you can send it along with an introduction.

Other Digital Marketing related stuff.

Guest Post Guidelines:

Before you write or submit a story to Sinss, we want you to know our guidelines. We request you to read these guidelines carefully and adhere to them:

  • Basics first- your article should not have grammatical or language errors.
  • Your story should be informative, interactive, and interesting. Every post on our blog aims to give valuable information to our users helping them hone their digital marketing skills or keeping them updated.
  • Don’t send us chunks of text lying on a word doc. Your article should be well-structured with subheadings, bullets, quotes, and images.
  • Your articles should be 1200-2000 words.
  • Don’t use irrelevant images or copyright images owned by someone else.
  • Please give source of statistics, images, and quotes used in the content.
  • The story should be unique and not published elsewhere.
  • Include your bio and headshot along with the article.
  • We have the right to delete promotional links in your article.
  • Send your topic ideas before you submit your story.

If you don’t follow the above guidelines, you most likely will not hear from us.

If you think you have the potential to maintain the quality we require, feel free to pitch us at sales@sinss.in

What should your pitch include?

  • Subject line should be “(Article name) pitch to Sinss”
  • Who you are and your company name (if you are a Blogger, PR or you don’t have any company, please mention why you want to contribute us)?
  • At least 2-3 link of your previous published articles
  • 2-3 topics suggestion which you would like to cover

Note: We respond to each and every mail if pitched properly according to our guidelines.