Importance of Search Engine Optimization SEO

Importance of Search Engine Optimization SEO

10 Ways to do SEO Effectively

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website or web pages in a way which will get your website a better organic traffic, i.e. unpaid traffic and thus making search engines, like Google, rank your website better. Importance of search engine optimization SEO works as a digital marketing strategy which can get your business the targeted audience and consumers you want. As SEO inspects how the search engine algorithm works, it is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website.

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So here are 10 ways to use SEO more effectively:

  1. Title and meta description: The more relevant the title is the better. When you know your key demographic, you know what they search for, as well as the keywords. Design the title in a way that blends your keywords in it and seem attractive and catchy. If the title is attractive and catchy to the eye of the audience, they will click on it and read it. Statistics have shown that titles that list or start with ‘how to’ have better CTR than others. Similarly, the more compelling your meta description is, the more people will click on your website which automatically increases your CTR (Click-Through Rate). Accordingly, if more people click on your website and spend time on it, the search engine recognizes it and that helps your page rank better.
Title and description
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  1. Keywords: Once you get familiar with your buyer persona and key demographic, it gets easier to get into their shoes and research the most relevant keywords. Always remember, you are writing your content, your product description for your audience and not the search engines. The more relevant your content is to your audience, the higher the chance is of you page to rank higher. You can use various online tools like Google keyword planner to get better results. But always keep in mind, use your keywords in an optimum manner and not stuff the keywords in the content, as that might make your content seem as spam, which will result in the search engine not considering your page.
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  1. Page Speed: Page Speed is one of the most important factors which determine the dwell time of the user on the web page. Dwell time is the time spent for engagement by the user on the subject matter of your web page, or in simple words their session duration. Nowadays, people want everything ASAP, on their fingertips. They do not like waiting. Thus, they will click on ‘back’ and go to the millions of other search results available to them.  So, always keep in mind, while designing or optimizing your web page, the page speed must be as fast as possible. Faster the page, the more improved and efficient the user experience is regarded to be.
Page speed
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  1. SSL Certificate: Ever wondered the difference between http and https? Websites with a SSL certificate is identified by https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). Websites which have a SSL certificate are more secure for the users as well as you, the owner. It adds more layers of security when the user enters sensitive information like their credit card information or their other personal information like their mobile number or address. For you, the owner, you can make sure that no one can hack you or steal any sensitive information from you. It builds trust between the you and the user and improves your chance of ranking better.
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  1. Internal Linking: A website has a lot of web pages. Many times the web pages are related. For instance, if you are a blogger and you have similar or related blogs you should link your them together. This makes the user spend more time on your site making their session duration more. This helps Search engine optimization rank your website as people seem interested in your website because they spend more amount of time on it by going to different web pages on it. Make sure to always link together only relevant pages for your users. This will also make sure that they will come back to your website because everything they need will all be there, easily accessible to them.
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  1. Backlinking: Backlinks have a high importance in search engine optimization SEO. Search Engine’s algorithms always check for backlinks for a website. A backlink is created when websites link themselves to each other. The two crucial types of backlinks are ‘Do-follow backlinks’ and ‘No-Follow backlinks’. Google SEO and many other search engine favor the do-follow backlinks. They do not consider the no-follow backlinks when ranking the website. This however, in any way, does not mean that no-follow backlinks are not important. If the no-follow backlinks are from a popular site, it can drive traffic to your website, which in turn helps the search engines to rank the website. The more people coming to your website and spending time on it, the better! Make sure that the backlinks are not broken or empty.
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  1. Directory Submission: Websites directory is a place where people submit their websites in their particular category. People come there and search for their requirements to find a list of businesses and then compare it according to their needs. Submitting your website to some popular directories can generate backlinks for your website and catalyzes traffic to your website. Directory submission comes under off-page SEO practices. It can be very useful for your website if used appropriately. There are several number of website directories available on the internet today and this practice can help improve your website rank as they generate quality backlinks and gives more exposure.
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  1. Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is one of the most popular, old, and effective method of SEO. It helps you promote your content as well as provides quality backlinks for your website. Plus, there is always a chance that your content will go viral, making you famous. Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites include- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit. As you start promoting your brand on the social sites, it increases your brand awareness as well as helps the search engine index your website faster. It is the fastest way to get connected to your niche in addition to acting as a useful lead generation tool.
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9. Mobile User Experience: According to 2020 stats, 63% of the Google traffic was from mobile devices. In today’s world, this is the one of the most important factor determining the rank of your website. Search engines take into consideration the the mobile compatibility of your website before ranking them as more than half of the traffic comes from the mobile users. Making sure that the website is mobile-friendly, fast page speed on mobile and the loading time of the images and videos, is a necessity. This is very important for your local audience as searches like ‘product/place near me’ or ‘best product/place in city’ are very popular.

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  1. Content: The content on your website matters a lot. Content could be of various types like text, images, videos, infographics, podcasts, checklists, or even hybrid! Content length matters a lot. The longer the content the better. But in the process of making it longer don’t make it boring. Try to make it as captivating as possible, as interesting as possible. Using visual aids like images, videos, graphs, stats, infographics is helpful. Make sure you give these visual aids an alt text for the search engine to recognize them. Also, compress them so that they do not affect your page speed in any way. Use your keywords wisely in the content you create.
Content marketing
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What are the importance of Search Engine Optimization SEO lets see in short using infographics media.

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In today’s world, SEO is a necessity if you own a business and want to make it nationally or globally. So, these were a few methods of using SEO effectively and driving more traffic to your website. Do you know any more methods for the effective implementation of SEO? Tell us in the comment section below!

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