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How should we be using Facebook and Instagram for marketing

How should we be using Facebook and Instagram for marketing

Starting a new business is quite hectic. In the beginning, you might want to work alone to set everything up, saving every bit of money you can to invest it in the business again. Working on marketing strategies which you can execute by yourself is also one part you need to focus on, for your business to flourish. They can be difficult to find and at times, even to execute. Doing everything by yourself might leave you exhausted. So, here is a detailed blog which will help you understand how you can use Facebook and Instagram for marketing.

Facebook and Instagram marketing
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Facebook and Instagram are the most important social media platform used for marketing. Reaching 59% of the world’s social networking population, Facebook generated $85.9 billion in revenue in 2020. Approximately $60 billion came from the Facebook app and an operating profit of $32.6 billion. Indian users of Facebook amount to 320 million. Hence, marketing on this app will result in tremendous success for your business, if used optimally.

Facebook organic

Facebook offers a lot of different features and they update them from time to time. Features like Facebook Messenger, Facebook groups, events, stories, reels, marketplace, and job listings are some of the many features that can be used for growing your business organically. Facebook organic is a great way to market for B2B and B2C kinds of businesses.

Business page and posts

You just need to make a Facebook page and fill in your details and you are all set! Creating a business page is very easy. Once the page is created, you start posting on it about your business. The more time your audience spends on reading your post or watching your video, the better reach it might get. So always make your content captivating and engaging.

Open Facebook account ➡️ Tap on create page ➡️ Fill in your details ➡️ Hurray! That’s it. See, that’s how easy
it is.

Facebook Features
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Facebook marketplace and group sharing

If you have a product you can list it on the Facebook marketplace, if you have some services you can share it in Facebook groups. Searching for relevant and important groups which will benefit your business is a crucial part of sharing. There are dedicated groups about everything, you just need to find it.

Facebook events, stories and reels.

Creating Facebook events and giving the audience a few teasers every now and then might boost the sales of the event tickets through it. Facebook’s stories and reels can be connected to Instagram and both the apps can work in sync. The same applies to posts as well.


Sharing your products’ or services’ posts on Facebook marketplace or groups, making fun reels about it, and using the proper hashtags will help your brand reach a broader audience, who are really interested in your business as 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups and 48.5% of B2B business decision-makers use Facebook for research. And that helps you with Facebook & Instagram for marketing?

Facebook ads

Facebook ads
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Facebook has the highest number for conversion according to a recent study. If people see an ad on Facebook, they are more likely to purchase the product than other apps. Facebook has an advertising audience of 2.14 billion and an average user clicks about 12 ads per month. These ads work both for B2B and B2C types of businesses.


Facebook ads are used as a major medium for brand awareness and reach. The brand awareness option is used when you want people to know more about your brand. Facebook’s algorithm works in a way that will show your ad at a higher frequency so that the ad will leave an imprint on the brain. The reach option will take your post to more people at a slightly lower frequency.

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Facebook ads can be used to get more traffic to your linked page or website, App installs and video views are also possible through this medium. When you run ads for engagement, Facebook will target your ads to only those people who engage with your post, as in, like, share and comment.

Lead generation is used on a large scale to reach potential customers for your business. You can attach a customized form at the end of the ad and people who are really interested will take out some time to fill out the form.

Similarly, when you select a message ad objective, anyone who will click on it will directly go to either WhatsApp, Messenger, or your website, whichever one you link to the ad. You can create a fixed message template for everyone who wants to start a conversation.


To use the conversions objective, you must have a landing page. You can track the number of people who land on that page through Facebook pixels or you can track the number of people who submit their information through the Facebook pixel. Through catalog sales, you can sell your e-commerce products on Facebook. Although, you must have a marketplace listing for this. Lastly, through store traffic, you can promote your store to the people who are nearby.

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Analyze and optimize

Once an ad is posted, you may or may not get the result you wished for on the first try. It’s all about trial and error because you never know what the audience might like. If an ad is not working, you will need to optimize it: you can change the creative used for the ad, or the ad copy, or maybe tweak the audience a little. It might take a while to get it correct, therefore you will have to analyze and optimize it regularly. 

Marketing on social media is not just a trend, it is an effective and efficient way to grow your business organically as well as inorganically. This takes your business to the global market. Social media has a lot of influential power if used correctly.

This is how you should be using Facebook & Instagram for marketing? To find out why marketing on social media is important, check out:


Instagram is another social media platform that is quite famous. 1B+ people use Instagram monthly. Being the sixth most visited website, Instagram is also the ninth most popular Google query. 81% of people research products on Instagram before buying them. Hence, it is a great platform for B2C and B2B types of marketing. As Instagram is a photo or video-sharing platform, the most popular topic for content there is ‘how to’ videos. 

Instagram organic

Similar to Facebook, Instagram has many features like Instagram stories, posts, videos, hashtag communities, reels, etc., and using them optimally will benefit you a lot. When Instagram, or any platform for that matter, introduces a new feature, using that feature for content creation is a very smart move. Many people start using that feature and as it is new, there are fewer creators. Hence, you have better reach there.

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Posts, videos and carousels

Instagram, like every other platform, personalizes all the content that we consume. Posts, videos, and carousels are the three basic types of content that we consume on a daily basis. The algorithm works in such a way that the dwell time of the user on a piece of content is calculated. The more time the audience spends, the more importance is given to it by the algorithm. 

Stories and reels

Instagram stories play a major role in keeping the page active because you might not be able to post every day. Reels, being the new feature, is quite famous among the audience. Using reels to promote your business will result well. They are short and quick videos about anything.

Hashtags communities

On Instagram, anyone can follow a hashtag. Hence, using proper hashtags for your posts, videos and reels is a crucial factor. The posts which rank on the hashtags are shown in the feeds of the people who follow the hashtag. Early engagement on your post may help in your post ranking on the hashtags. You can also find proper hashtags related to your niche and find pages that are similar to yours and follow people who engage in those posts. Following people will result in them checking out your page and sometimes even a follow back.

Social media marketing
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Instagram ads

Instagram ads are connected to Facebook ads. Meaning, the ad you create on Facebook will appear on Instagram as well if you select Instagram while creating the ad. Ads are shown in all the features like stories, feed, explore page, and now even in reels. Creating an advertisement on these social media platforms is very cheap plus they result in good results in terms of reach and impressions. You just need to analyze the ad properly and keep optimizing it from time to time.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand. Coming up with new and captivating content every time might be hectic. Read our blog about content marketing on:, to understand how content marketing works and get some tips about content creation. In such a way you should be using Facebook & Instagram for marketing?

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