Why marketing on social media is important.

Why marketing on social media is important.

Have you started a new business? Do you already have a business but don’t have an online presence? Do you think Social Media won’t help your B2B business? B2B or B2C, confused about how to utilize social media platforms optimally? Keep reading to find out why marketing on social media is currently one of the most important things for any business in today’s world.

Be it a realty business or production of raw materials, coaching classes or a bakery having a social media presence is a must for all kinds of business- B2B, B2C, C2B or C2C. An internet presence even on ‘google my business’ will have a positive effect on your business. A simple search of “ keyword + near me” will list your business locally and will contribute to your growth.

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Marketing on social media is not just a trend, it is an effective and efficient way to grow your business organically as well as inorganically. This takes your business to the global market. Social media has a lot of influential power if used correctly. Let’s find out how to grow your business organically and inorganically.

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Why is it important?

  • Promotion: Social media marketing helps to promote any and all kinds of business. Promotions can work through tagging, commenting, following, stories, referrals through different social media accounts. You just need to create relevant content so that your audience will relate to it and share it.

  • Awareness: When people find your content and promote it through their stories or tag their friends in it, it improves your reach on social media which in turn increases your brand awareness. You get more recognized in the market as well. Increased brand awareness = increased revenue!

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  • Boost sales: Since you reach a large number of audience in a matter of seconds, people will indulge in buying your products and services. Businesses with social media presence have access to 48% of the world, that is 3.8 billion people! Even if a few hundred people buy from you, it will hike up your sales.

  • Connect with customers: With a social media presence, you can have a transparent process and get reviews from customers directly. With direct contact and truthful reviews you have a chance of improving your products by personalizing them, which help to generate more sales.

  • Enhances SEO ranking: The algorithm gives importance to social media as social bookmarking is an important factor on SEO. Successful brands have a healthy social media presence as it helps your website rank better on Google.

Quick & essential tips:

  • Identify your audience: If you are a new business identify your buyer persona and get to know their behaviour and which social platforms they use. If you have been in business for a while, you already know your buyer persona and can predict what social platforms they use. Knowing what platforms they use will narrow down the platforms you will have to target. So it is essential to get a clear idea about this.

  • Establish your presence: What to post, how to post and when to post also plays an important role in social media strategies. If you are fairly new to all this, start by establishing your brand, and what your brand stands for. Get as creative as you can. Make a social media planner on what content you will post with it’s status copy, so when the time comes to post it everything will be hassle-free.

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  • Plan, create, edit: Plan your post ideas and captions in advance so that whatever necessary changes have to be done will have sufficient time. Always let your content rest for one day and look at it with a fresh mind and perspective to start with the changes and editing the next day.

  • Quality over quantity: Give equal importance to both organic and inorganic content. As people will visit your page through these inorganic, paid promotions they will check your page out and impressing them is obviously necessary to convert them. Don’t use filler content for your page. Always make quality content.

Organic growth:

What is organic growth? It is the process of optimizing your social media presence such that more and more people visit your profile, view your content and follow you. It is a free concept, it just needs the expertise of the social media platform.

Organic growth
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How to grow your business organically:

  • Engaging content: Make engaging content. Ask questions in captions or in the videos. Get the audience to like, comment and share your content. The more impressions and views your content get the better.

  • Keywords and hashtags: Target proper keywords which relate to your audience. Research the keywords properly. Get into your audience’s shoes. Remember, to use these keywords in hashtags as well. Use hashtags wisely. Include hashtags which have 100 posts to hashtags which have 1m+ posts so that your post has the maximum reach.

  • Stay active: Don’t just post, stay active on your page. Engage in conversations, comments and likes. By doing this, you are letting the algorithms of social media know that you are an active and an important user.

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  • Promote your profile: Hashtags are not the only way for growth. Follow people, let them be aware that your page exists. When you follow people, they get a notification or a following request and they can check your page out from there. This improves the chances of page visits and people following you.

  • Budget-Friendly: This is a budget-friendly option for growth of your business. It helps you get a loyal and authentic consumer base. So instead of telling the audience how your product works, tell them how it will solve their problems. Talk about their pain points and then give them a solution about it.

Usage of Social media in a lifetime.

Today the life expectancy is 72 years out of which people spend 5 years and 4 months on social media on an average. From these 5 years and 4 months, if for even one minute or just some seconds they read or notice your social media content, it could make all the difference in the world. 

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Paid growth:

Inorganic growth is also the process of getting more people to view your content, visit your profile and follow you. The only difference is that it is a paid process. This process requires an experienced expert to optimize your campaigns and advertisements for your targeted audience and get quality results and leads. It guarantees that a large number of people will view your content. You can start from a nominal amount and go to millions. With paid advertising, you have all of control over every aspect of your advertisement.

Paid growth
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Types of campaigns:

  • Paid promotion: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. all offer paid promotion for inorganic growth. To start a paid promotion you need to understand how the algorithm of all the platforms works and then optimize your promotions accordingly. This increases the reach of your profile and will result in increase in conversions.

  • Lead generation campaigns: You can also generate leads for your business through social media. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, knowing your niche and customizing the campaigns appropriately will guarantee generate quality leads. Starting to include sign-ups with the running advertisement will help you collect data from the customers.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for your business get to know here in the below mentioned Infographics image.


Social Media is important and very prominent in today’s world for growth and awareness. Promoting your content on social media marketing is a crucial part of your business marketing. Content creation is an essential part of social media marketing. If you don’t have time you can always outsource the social media management to us.

Social media is a platform you can’t just miss on in today’s digital world and it’s important to reach out to your target audience through this medium. We make sure that all your social media and other online portals are active and there is perennial interaction with your audience, online.

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